Everybody's Jesus
Release Date: 24/01/2005
Catalogue No.: VTCD005
Record Label: Valley Trash Records
Format: CD Single

It's a Double B-side on steroids. It's a mini four-on-thefloor rock epic. It's a tragedy wrapped in a good time had by all. It's pure Butterfingers. "Jesus I Was Evil" is the band's first recorded cover version and it's gonna explode on the airways this summer. The song was written and recorded by NZ national Darcy Clay (Daniel Bolton) whose untimely suicide in 1998 occured just weeks before he was scheduled to play at an anti-suicide concert. "Everybody's Ugly" is a hard edged little ditty put together in true rock style and belted out by this country's most diverse musical mental cases. Repent now, ye ugly sinners. Embrace the Double B.

Track listing - Disc 1
Jesus I Was Evil
Everybody's Ugly