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Hugo Race

A prolific and visionary performer, HUGO RACE is also an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer. A founding member of NICK CAVE’S BAD SEEDS and the seminal Australian 80s cult band THE WRECKERY, RACE has released 14 True Spirit albums and collaborated with artists from Sao Paolo to Rome, Berlin, London, Tucson, Brussels, Warsaw, Mali, Africa and beyond, including collaborations such as DIRTMUSIC (their ‘BKO’ album, recorded in Bamako, Africa cited as one of the best albums of 2010), the French-American band LILIUM, the Brazilian project MOSES COMPLEX, the London-based PANTALEIMON, the Berlin-based ROGALL’S ELECTRIC CIRCUS SIDESHOW, the Sicilian band SEPIATONE, the European ‘supergroup’ SONGS WITH OTHER STRANGERS and the Italian multimedia project MEROLA MATRIX. In 2011, RACE’S album ‘FATALISTS’ received rave reviews globally.